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Arafah Hajj Economy Package

Arafah International Tours and Travels is happy to announce  you with an Hajj economy package. If you have certain budget and planning for Hajj in 2017 then this is the best package we suggest you to opt for. In Economy Package you will get chance to stay in the holy cities of Makkah and Madina for more than 35 Days. Accomodations will be provided in deluxe hotels throughout the package period. Also, buffet meals will be available.



  • Bhatkal to Bhatkal package via Mumbai / Mangalore / Bangalore.
  • Deluxe A/c busses will be available for transportation and also during Hajj Days.
  • A/C tents will be provided.
  • Tents will be located within 10 minutes walkable distance from Jamaraat.
  • Buffet Meals will be provided throughout the journey.
  • Luggage Bags, Hand Bag, Shoe Bag, Prayer Mat, Passport Bag, Umbrella and belts will be provided. Also 5 litre ZamZam Water will be provided at the end of Pilgrimage.

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